Uncle Zucchini's Amazing Mustache: the Print-and-Paste Game!

A story and a puzzle game activity in one package! Either read like a regular e-book or print and paste the correct scenes together to complete Uncle Zucchini's story. Read it or print it, you're in for a mustache of fun!




Print the 21 pages on A4 size paper, scaled to fit. Simply fold or trim the left-side border of the next page and glue it on the right-side border of the current page.

Do not set your printer to borderless print, as that will leave you with very little room to work with.


example activities:


1) Teacher prints out the story and hands out a page to every 1-2 pupils. The kids then, guided by the mustache, have to order themselves correctly reflect the story. Finally they sit down and glue their page to the others to form the story.


2) The kids sit down in two rows gapped 0.5 meters and facing each other. The teacher assumes a place at either end of the rows and begins pasting together the story, which she feeds into the rows so the pupils can see, read, and help her move the story along.


Either the print-and-paste or +coloring versions could be used for both activities. For extra laughs, the teacher might consider printing out multiple sheets of the mustache page at the end of the story and have her all of  her pupils to put them on.

story AND activity
for groups or individuals
e-book AND printed scroll
also comes in a coloring version

price: 10.00 $


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