Uncle Zucchini's Amazing Mustache

Uncle Zucchini has the longest mustache known to man. Don't believe it? Check out the story, which is available in a never-before-seen e-Scroll version as one long, continuous page, or in a Print-and-Paste game version you and your kids can either read regularly on tree-saving screens OR print the story to its individual pages and paste them together to form one long paper scroll - and it also comes in a coloring version!


Each month I hand out several Print-and-Paste copies (including the coloring version) to kindergartens and first grades for free. If you are a teacher of either and would like to receive a free copy for your class's group activity, simply fill out this form.


The e-scroll, print-and-paste game, and print-and-paste-and-color have been are together in the Mustache Bundle, meaning that whenever you purchase one, you get the other two for free!


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